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Hey everyone,

My name is Andy Davis. My parents went to High School with Catherine Coatney (Blake’s Mom). I was asked if I could get a website together for her, so here it is! This website is dedicated to the wonderful Blake Coatney, may he rest in peace.


5 thoughts on “New Website

  1. Wow…this page is awesome…Blake will be heard…I love his mother and she is a great mother and also supporter … God speed…

  2. Wow catherine this site is awesome. Blakes memory is very much alive he was an awesome young man. God bless u and your family. Suicide prevention this is great

  3. i look at that beautiful HANSOME face and I feel sooooo sad that he was hurting so bad, I just wish he had just gave it a little time and maybe just maybe he would have talked to his mama or someone that could have helped him through this tough time. So sad that such a wonderful boy felt the need to take his life to make the pain go away. Lost someone that had his whole life in front of him but GOD gained a beautiful angel. Prayers for friends and family…

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