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Hey everyone,

My name is Andy Davis. My parents went to High School with Catherine Coatney (Blake’s Mom). I was asked if I could get a website together for her, so here it is! This website is dedicated to the wonderful Blake Coatney, may he rest in peace.


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  1. Wow…this page is awesome…Blake will be heard…I love his mother and she is a great mother and also supporter … God speed…

  2. Wow catherine this site is awesome. Blakes memory is very much alive he was an awesome young man. God bless u and your family. Suicide prevention this is great

  3. i look at that beautiful HANSOME face and I feel sooooo sad that he was hurting so bad, I just wish he had just gave it a little time and maybe just maybe he would have talked to his mama or someone that could have helped him through this tough time. So sad that such a wonderful boy felt the need to take his life to make the pain go away. Lost someone that had his whole life in front of him but GOD gained a beautiful angel. Prayers for friends and family…

  4. I think this is a beautiful sentiment to share in remembrance of Blake. He was a handsome young man with a sweet spirit and always had a hug and kind words. He is missed deeply and has left an imprint in our heart. I love his mom Catherine and want her to know she is a special woman! Thank you for the fine young man you raised! Love and thoughts and prayers sent!

  5. Sierra Jill Widner

    i was dear friends with blake and i cant say i still hurt like his mom but everyday i think about it i miss and love you Blake
    miss cath. im always here for you

  6. I cant imagine Catherines pain. I look at Blakes pictures and it breaks my heart that his handsome face and gorgeous smile has left this world. There nust are no words that I could ever say that could bring Mrs. coatney comfort. All I can say is Blake had a megawatt smile and a huge heart. Perhaps he was too good for this world. RIP BLAKE

  7. Hi all, it’s really sad to read and watch the video without crying my self. I know you don’t know me but RIP Blake and God be with him and his family

  8. I was just looking at my past and came a long your sons video I was so saddened by Blake’s message. It truly help me to understand the pain he was feeling and that he was not alone. I once was like your son feeling desperate, alone and losing my best friend. Blake thank you for sharing your story. We will never forget that you have the heart of Jesus and Jesus said welcome my son.

  9. I donĀ“t know why, but yesterday I saw blake’s video in his car before to die 21th july…I am from chile, SouthAmerica and I am very surprised as a young boy, handsome could die like that, but only God knows about the true, but I don’t know why, but his story marked inside my heart, the only thing I want to say, God didn’t forget Blake, because I am sure that he did not want to die like that…I am sending a lot of blessing all his family and I ‘ll pray for him as well for his soul. from the bottom of my heart Chile to Ashfor, Alabama.

  10. Gemma from the uk

    I can’t even begin to understand how Blake was feeling moments before he put himself into gods hands but we are thankful that you could share this heart wrenching video to the world because more people need to understand about suicide. He might have felt lonely in his last minutes but he knew in his heart that his mama and family and friends loved him.
    God bless you Blake and miss coatney. Love to you all xx

  11. I came across your beautiful son’s story tonight on my bday Jan 6th,2018 on YouTube of a random guy with a ton of subscribers to have his father give his comments on THE video Blake wanted you to share with the world. Normally I would skip and move on to something I’m interested in but was compelled to watch. I don’t have words for the pain I feel for Blake, you his mother and his whole family. I cried through the whole thing while yelling at my iPad No,no,no I wanted to jump thru into his car to talk him through it and to tell him if he just could get through that day it would get better and in just 2 short years he wouldn’t care about that girl one bit and that God had other plans for Cody. I can’t imagine the suffering you are all going through,as the mother of 3 teenage sons I can’t imagine. Your doing a great thing here for Blake and everyone that had anything to do with getting his word out here on this website. Just know that from just the one time shared on youtube at the time I watched it tonight it was viewed 1,224,786 times and had 44 thousand likes. Just from one man’s post. Idk how many shared I’m not good at computers but just know that your son lives on through you,I know with the social media era that we are now in with knowledge at the touch of a finger Blakes story will keep getting shared and shared forever and he will save many,many,many lives. Time does not heal these wounds, the void just gets bigger I know my mom passed but have faith that Blake is with you everywhere and is proud of what each and everyone are doing and when God calls you home he will be right there waiting on that mothers hug. My prayers are with you that with time it gets a little bit easier by each day, hugs from Mpls,Mn Sheila Miller

  12. Rachel blackwell

    This young man will never be forgotten, what a truly warm and loving person with so many people that loved him and will forever! I never met him I don’t live anywhere even close to where he grew up but he has touched my heart and I pray he has all the peace and love he searched for, this world lost a good man. God Bless you Blake

  13. So much to live for and all gone now. I will say a prayer tonight for his family and friends since I know they must still feel the pain. I too considered suicide in the last year after a 9-year relationship broke up but we got back together. Still not same as it was before but I have hope things change. In any event, I didn’t do it but came close to suicide too. I had a few friends and family talk to me about it and offer to be there to help. That helped ease some pain but in the end I decided to give life another try. I can’t even explain the darkness that comes from thinking about it. We all can have demons inside. It is more common than you think.

  14. I don’t even know, what to say, I understand though. I am sorry for your loss in this time. I feel sadden that your son felt the need to end it all. Unfortunately it’s a fact that needs to be prevented and it needs to be resolved. Many of my friends have taken their lives. They are never forgotten they are always in your hearts. Again sorry for your loss.

  15. I didn’t know Blake but I came across a video on YouTube of him it was a sad one I could hardly watch it. I’m sorry for the lost it was really sad to sit and watch that video. I hope that his family has found some peace. I know I’m late on this but I just wanted to give my condolence Rip Blake.

  16. To. Blakes mum, your son was so handsome he would have had a wonderful life, I know he is in heaven with his friend,he”s found peace God bless you & your family.

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